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Are you:

  • Aiming to increase unity within your organization?
  • Intending to show respect to those who you are talking with?
  • Seeking to create a positive impression of your awareness & professionalism?
  • Wondering what the appropriate way to introduce someone is?
  • Trying to use the most accurate words to express your thoughts?
  • Desiring to radiate congeniality, confidence, & charism?
  • Curious what the easiest methods are for ensuring all in your audience know you are speaking to them?

Learn how:

  • Our English language evolved & why it is constantly changing
  • Culture & language are intertwined
  • To use various techniques for accurate, fair, & inclusive communications
  • To communicate for maximum receptivity
  • To address people formally
  • To emphasize the main point of your message
  • To inspire unity in your audience

The point of gender-fair, gender-neutral, and gender-inclusive language is to not make gender an issue.

You can become proficient in gender fair, gender-neutral, and gender-inclusive language and communicate in a way that is easy, natural, and direct!

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How to Communicate in Gender inclusive Language: Engage, Rather than Alienate, your AudienceHow to Communicate in Gender-inclusive Language: Engage, Rather than Alienate, your Audience!

  • 3 general guidelines for phrasing your messages
  • 9 methods for dealing with English’s lack of a gender-inclusive pronoun
  • An easy way to test if a word could be offensive
  • Recommended substitutions for 94 outdated words
  • The most appropriate ways to introduce & address people formally
  • The best approach for communicating to groups comprised of both genders

Most organizations (corporations, places of worship, social clubs, committees of all types, etc…) could benefit from the inspiring suggestions contained in this book.



Inspirational Quotes to Motivate, Rejuvenate, Stimulate, & ElevateInspirational Quotes to Motivate, Rejuvenate, Stimulate, & Evaluate!

Are you looking to:

  • Lift your perspective?
  • Motivate your Staff?
  • Be reminded of what really matters?
  • Spur your success?
  • Stay focused on attaining your goals?
  • Learn what famous great thinkers tell themselves?
  • Gain encouragement to keep pushing forward?

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