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Minerals are co-enzymes which help vitamins and other nutrients to function, and are responsible for most actions within and around our cells. There are 90+ known minerals (thus far) for human health. The minerals you ingest affect your pH and your pH affects your ability to assimilate minerals.

Minerals have different pH levels at which they can be assimilated into the body. Minerals on the lower end of the atomic scale, such as sodium and magnesium, can be assimilated in a wider pH range. Minerals higher up on the scale, such as zinc and copper, require a narrower pH range in order to be assimilated by the body. Iodine, which is a major factor in thyroid health, is high up on the atomic scale and requires near perfect pH for its assimilation into the body.

What this means is that without an adequate supply of minerals you can’t balance your pH, and without a balanced pH you won’t be able to assimilate some key minerals.

The answer? Test your salivary pH regularly and start with a good blood test to analyze the status of your various mineral levels.Amy Mosher
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